Famous – Inspired by Noami Shihab Nye


By Anika

Inspired by Noami Shihab Nye


Special is famous to you

You don’t want to let it go


But you can’t help but smile, because

you’re just another face in

the never ending crowd, oh no.

You’re special.


Love is famous to laughter

the sound of laughter comes,

you own it, the madness owns you.


But you feel the best you ever have,

free of all fears. You live just

to love.


Procrastination, Basically Me

I physically cannot get things done before time. It is legitimately impossible. Even if I do start something early and finish it before the due date, I’ll forget I have other stuff to do and revel in my ‘organization skills’. Then I suddenly realize I have like three pieces of homework and stay up several hours later than I normally would trying to finish this stuff.

so yepppppp. >.<

(I am procrastinating right now ^u^)

How do you survive procrastination?

Here are some ways that I do:

I don’t.

Until something inspiring happens.

Until it is 10:00 pm, and then I do the work.

I watch inspirational videos.

I just focus really hard.

I just pull all-nighters.

I use a timer.

I listen to concentration music.

A combination of the above.
And many other ways. Tell me in the comments how you do!


I wanted to do this because my character in our culture picture book project was named Sage. That named seemed like a mysterious name, so I decided to write about how I would imagine a person like Sage.

Sage is needed, however invisible.

Sage is often underestimated, but is very powerful.

Sage works with Shadows, is rarely seen.

Sage hides from the human eye.

Sage disappears, and the forest does too.

Sage makes sure to keep the forest together.

Sage is herself- even when the forest is not.

The Field


The colorful grasses swayed, rippling like an ocean wave. The air was crisp and refreshing, warm but not unbearable. The sky was cloudless, a clear, pure blue in color. The radiant sun shone down on the field, the gentle summer breeze rushing through the tall grass.  It was an early summer morning, a perfect day to spend outdoors.

Are You Bored?

  1. Get kicked out of Walmart
  2. Write (duh)
  3. Doodle
  4. Sleep (zzzz)
  5. Read
  6. Watch television (not advised)
  7. Go outside, whatever the weather
  8. Picture your arch enemy as a slug
  9. Annoy your sibling
  10. Go on EduBlogs and read awesome things
  11. Build a hut
  12. Flop on your bed
  13. Daydream (one of my favourites XD)
  14. Make up a code/language
  15. Create a life-size doll (I have, it’s fun)
  16. Turn a box into something wacky
  17. Sleep some more
  18. Turn a boring white top into an epic T-shirt of epicness
  19. Go to town
  20. Watch plants grow (not advised either)
  21. Sew or knit
  22. Make up a story that makes no sense (lots of fun!)
  23. Chat with friends
  24. Pretend it’s Christmas
  25. Pretend it’s your birthday
  26. Eat nice stuff (not too much)
  27. Throw a party
  28. Plant plants
  29. Make a list like this one

Things To Do At A Library (Part 2)

This is part 2, so that’s why this starts on number 6.

6. Stare at someone the whole time that they are at the library and then ask them, “Are you Justin Bieber” or “Are you Taylor Swift?”

7. Act genuinely scared by something in your book and hide behind someone saying “Oh man, that thing is scary. HIDE ME!”

8. Go to someone and say, “You know, when I wrote that book, I did not have readers like you in mind”

9. Keep asking your neighbor if they know characters from your book.”Do u know Hermoine?” “No,” “Hmm.I don’t either”

10. Pack lots of silly stuff and bring them out one by one as people are watching.

Things To Do At A Library (Part 1)

Okay so, I wanted to quit the challenge, but then I was like, that’s so lame of me. So I decided to do all 15 blog posts I missed when thinking I was quitting. Let’s get started!

1. Sit very close to someone even if there is space somewhere else and ask them to move up.

2.Get a book and seat next to someone. Laugh obnoxiously, look at them, laugh again, look at them then laugh the last time  and ask defensively,”What?”

3. If you and something else are looking at books on a shelf, start pointing at random books and say, “I have read that one and that one and that one. As a matter of fact, I have read ALL of them,” while gesturing to all of the books. Then smile at your neighbor and walk away without looking back.

4. Pretend to be learning a dance from the book. Look at it, and do a weird move, then look at again and do another weird move

5.Read over someone’s shoulder and if they turn the page, turn it back and say,”I am not done yet.”


I Was A Gullible Person – Part 2

If you haven’t already, I recommend reading my other blog post I posted yesterday to understand this one a bit better. I decided to split it because I knew that blog post would be to long otherwise. Here’s a link: https://erms3anika16.edublogs.org/2017/03/16/i-was-a-gullible-person-14/

…Speaking of staining clothes I was at lunch one day with the rest of my class and one boy took out a bag of pomegranate his mom packed him in his lunch. A lot of us hasn’t seen them before because it’s a bit of an exotic fruit. So it caught some attention and we were all asking a bunch of questions about it. And then the boy said “Did you know pomegranate can stain your clothes forever and it’ll never come off?!” *GASP* Woah! That must be one powerful fruit! It never comes out? Not even with the power of OXICLEAN LAUNDRY STAIN REMOVER IT GETS THE TOUGH STAINS OUT and then we watched kid eating pomegranate sitting sideways at the seats next to him because he didn’t want him to spill them on himself. Looking back it was probably just his mom exaggerating because she didn’t want to have to deal with stains and laundry. A slight parenting trick if I do say so my self.

If you try to use your eyes to look back into your brain they’ll get stuck and you’ll be blind forever.

It’s a bit of a spin-off between the other eyeball myth, “If you cross your eyes to much they’ll get stuck forever.” I never believed that one, but I believed this brain one. A friend told me once if you tried to look at the back of your head with your eyes you can see your brain and we spent the whole day trying to do it. Then when I went home I asked my mom about it and she said, “Don’t do that, they’ll get stuck.” *T R A U M A*  I think I believed it so quickly because if you try to move your eyes more then your “rotation limit” it kind of hurts because your eyes aren’t supposed to look back in your head like that. I thought it was kind of my body saying, “This is a warning!” I know it’s not true but it’s still always in the back of my mind.

I Was A Gullible Person

As a kid I was pretty prone to believing people pretty much unconditionally as with most children. I just had too much trust for my own good, like, “Oh why would anyone have any reason to lie to me, the world is nothing but nice people and purity! “Of course, I’ve grown out of that mentality (unfortunately) and I am a lot more cautious. But for a while people could tell me things and I’d just believe them. I got thinking about all the ridiculous things people put in my head that I stored as a fact, and I decided to make a list of the craziest ones, and also just letting you know I was like, younger than 7 in all these stories. Don’t worry I didn’t just find out these things aren’t true a couple of months ago or anything.

Grasshoppers spit acid in your shoes.

This one probably needs explaining. I was at my house with some friends outside and we were running around in the grass without our shoes on. When we went back to put them on there was a little grasshopper sitting at the bottom of my right shoe. “Guys look, a cute little grasshopper is wearing my shoe!” And one of my friends goes, “Oh my god! Grasshoppers spit acid! Get it out!” And then we all start panicking at the fact there was a death grasshopper in my shoe. I looked up why she could have thought that and it actually is a fact that grasshoppers can spit a brown liquid to protect themselves from predators. It’s called Tobacco Juice and even though it’s slightly acidic the worst it can really do is stain your clothes. It’s pretty much harmless. But ohhhh, no, I had the image in my head of some breaking bad acid dissolving in everything it touches.

Since this post is pretty long, I’m going to write more about it on my next post. Stay tuned for it!

The Grass Is So Green…Not for long!

It’s supposed to snow! After all these months of green grass, we finally get to see bankets of white snow that we will have to clean off our really big driveways…. :/

Anyways, I’m SO excited. I bought a new sled thinking there was going to be a lot of snow this year, and finally I can actually use it. The weird things is, that also happened to my friend. 😛

Snow is like angels falling from the heavens waiting for the world to change (snow)

Icy cuffs

that held her mind

her heart

her soul

Icing Sugar, that’s how my mom used to explain snow,

“the grass is crunchy because it’s crystallized,”

Are we a cake then?

To be decorated

by stick little fingers,

like my own?

Mom said no,

but everytime it snows

I think of the world

being an understatement of realities

Best memory of snow.